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            Teacher Facilitated Lessons

            Teacher-facilitated lessons are designed to maximize student attention and agency by encouraging active conceptual discussion of teacher-led problems. Unlike the 3-5 Units the teacher will only use one module to instruct the entire lesson.

            1. Once a lesson has been selected Teacher Facilitated Lessons begin with a short period of prep work wherein the teachers and students work together to assemble the tools required to approach the problems they will be solving.
            2. After prep work has completed the teacher begins the lesson as they would any other Conceptua Math Lesson Opener.
            3. Students are then able to follow along using physical copies of the problem and models all while remaining mentally and physically engaged in the underlying principles being demonstrated.
            4. Once you have finished imparting the fundamentals students begin to work through the additional problems provided on their handouts on their own

            Watch the following video for an even closer look at Teacher Facilitated Lessons in action:

            Updated: 05 Jan 2018 01:12 PM
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