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            How do I move a student past a lesson?

            • Sign in to the Teacher Dashboard using the Teacher Sign In link
            • Click the Class Dashboard button
            • Select the desired class from the dropdown menu
            • Click the Class Data button
            • Click on the name of the student who will be moved
            • In the Progress Details dialog, click on the Class Assignment... button
            • Select the lesson in the instructional sequence that follows the failed lesson
            • Click OK and then OK
            • The black dot appears in the box for any lesson the student did not pass and indicates that the student was manually moved to the next lesson in the instructional sequence.
            You may choose to move a student past a lesson in which the student has had a number of failures. For example, the student may have failed the standard lesson and failed either one or both pre-skills. You may decide that a particular skill can be remediated at a later date or simultaneously as a student moves along with the rest of the class. Note that moving a student past a skill does not ensure that the skill will be mastered in later lessons. This action can also be done from the student’s “Adaptive Teaching” screen at the end of a Guided Lesson.
            Updated: 22 Aug 2017 06:08 AM
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